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Application Note

Optimized settings for Transcreener TR-FRET assays on SpectraMax iD5 and i3x readers

  • Single-addition, mix-and-read assay format for high-throughput screening
  • Minimal interference from fluorescent compounds with red tracer and time-resolved readout
  • Z’ factor > 0.7 at 10% conversion of 10 μM ATP
  • 一步添加,混合即读取的测定形式,非常适用于高 通量筛选
  • 使用远红示踪剂和时间分辨荧光技术,将荧光化合物的干扰降至最小
  • 使用 10 μM ATP 在 10% 的转化率下达到出色的数 据质量 Z′> 0.7