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Immunology is now, more than anytime in recent history, one of the top fields of research. Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) continue to enjoy intense interest as potential therapeutics. With antibody-drug conjugate and bispecific antibody products recently reaching the market, the use of mAbs will remain a key part of therapeutic development. Critical steps in the discovery and scale-up process can still be a challenge, but high quality monoclonal antibody producing cell lines are within your reach.

We offer a complete solution that addresses all stages of antibody discovery research— from target validation, screening, and clone selection to characterization and process scale up. Our comprehensive portfolio suite is designed to optimize your productivity to get safe and efficacious vaccines and therapeutics to market faster.

Learn more about:

  • Automated screening & selection of high-expressing cell lines
  • Novel antibody internalization and binding assays
  • Easy expression assays
  • Objective verification of monoclonality

Sample pages

Vaccine Development Workflow
Vaccine Development Workflow
Confluence &Growth Curve Generation
Confluence & Growth Curve Generation
Phage Display Workflow
Phage Display Workflow
Monoclonality Assurance
Monoclonality Assurance

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