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The widespread use of 3D cell models that mimic the in vivo cellular environment has reshaped cell culture assays in recent times. These complex and biologically relevant 3D cell cultures offer excellent opportunities to perform predictive assays during early-stage drug discovery.

This eBook provides a collection of applications and case studies using the ImageXpress® Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System and MetaXpress® software to investigate diverse 3D models and resolve common challenges experienced in 3D cell culture assays.

Learn how to:

  • Image a wide variety of 3D cell culture models, such as spheroids and organ-on-a-chip
  • Improve precision and quality with water immersion objectives
  • Overcome the challenges of image acquisition and analysis – reducing time to discovery

Sample pages

Imaging of 3D cancer spheroids
Imaging of 3D cancer spheroids
characterization of-angiogenesis-in organ-on-a-chip-model
Characterization of angiogenesis in organ-on-a-chip model
High-throughput imaging assays using zebrafish
3D toxicity assay using iPSC-derived hepatocyte spheroids
3D toxicity assay using iPSC-derived hepatocyte spheroids
Water immersion objectives
Water immersion objectives

High-content imaging for diverse 3D cell culture models

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