Improving lab scalability for advanced drug discovery

There is a growing need in cell-based assays for drug discovery and disease modeling to closely represent biologically relevant microenvironments. This has led to increased interest in three-dimensional (3D) models for assay development and phenotypic screening as they better represent the complexity of human tissue. However, reliability and scalability challenges associated with 3D model development impacts its widespread adoption.

In this webinar, experts discuss how to address these challenges to gain crucial insights about compound efficacy, biological complexity, and physiological relevance of 3D assay results. Key takeaways include:

  • How to incorporate automation into your 3D biology workflows to generate phenotypic data from complex models in a high-throughput setting
  • How to leverage bioprinting for 3D biology applications such as spheroid and organoid formation, assay performance, and vascularized human tissue
  • How to monitor cell responses in real time to increase throughput and reduce variability

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