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Application and High-Content Imaging Analysis of Organoid Systems

Watch the webinar to discover innovative products and protocols for culturing lung, brain, and intestinal organoids, and learn about the benefits of automated high-content imaging and analysis for organoid workflows.

  • Culturing intestinal, pulmonary, and brain organoids
  • Applying organoid model systems to study human health and disease
  • Imaging organoids using immunofluorescent markers
  • High-content imaging analysis of organoid model systems
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Application and High-Content Imaging Analysis of Organoid Systems

Discover a high-throughput, low-cost solution to IgG titer measurement

Key themes:

  • High-throughput IgG clone screening
  • ValitaCell quantum technology applications
  • Plate reader technology applications
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High-throughput IgG Quantitation Platform for Clone Screening

Automated Monoclonality Assurance in Human Stem Cell (hSC) Engineering

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer is an effective tool for single cell isolation of IPSCs and ESCs.
  • Explore how the combination of CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer and CloneSelect Imager offers confirmation of monoclonality assessments.
  • Discover how Clonal ESCs and iPSCs isolated by CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer maintain genomic stability and pluripotency for many generations and can be effectively programmed to differentiate into three germ layers and organ specific cell types.
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Capturing the Complexity of Cell Biology

Here, we discuss how new methods and recent advancements in automated imaging and analysis are improving research in 3D biology. With hardware and software solutions such as water immersion, lasers, and machine learning.

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Explore methods for more efficient molecular cloning and strain engineering applications

Learn how to use automated systems to:

  • Select thousands of colonies of interest an hour with confidence
  • Increase walkaway time to maximize research efforts
  • Ensure sterility and decrease contamination
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Efficient Molecular Cloning and Strain Engineering Applications